I am Heartbroken Again by Mount Greenwood

I am heartbroken again. Heartbroken to hear that Joshua Beal was killed by white off-duty police officers in Mt. Greenwood on Saturday November 6th. While we won’t know for quite a while the full details of what happened that awful Saturday afternoon, I immediately knew that what has happened all too often across the country […]

Finding awe unexpectedly

Laying down on the couch with a cold and my little dog on my lap under covers, looking out my second floor picture window I see bare trees against a light blue sky. I had just been caught up in reading posts on my meditation app (InsightTimer) after meditating, continuing my relentless and restless pursuit […]

Sitting Still. Sometimes.

How’s that quest to understand eternity, you might ask? Well, now that it is time for the McAlpine Consulting for Growth Thanksgiving newsletter, I realized that I better check back in on my last blog post to see where I left off on my big life question of “What are we doing here, exactly?” Looking […]

What are we doing here, exactly?

A resurgence of unrelenting anxiety in Fall 2014 finally got me energized enough to take a meditation class at the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago. I knew about the Buddhist temple since my mid-20’s in the 1980’s when low-level anxiety shifted into panic attacks and my naprapath and friend, Larry Felts, who was a practicing […]

McAlpine staffers smile in a sunny backyard

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