Our Commitment to Racial Justice

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McAlpine Consulting for Growth, LLC supports social change and healthy communities by identifying needs, exploring growth opportunities, and creating steps for action with non-profit organizations.

Our staff amplifies the effectiveness of non-profit organizations by providing the following services:

  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Conference/Event Planning

Our commitment to our clients
McAlpine Consulting for Growth, LLC is committed to excellent service through:

We pledge to our clients high-quality, detail-oriented work completed in a timely manner.

We assure distinction through our problem-solving skills, initiative, and excellent communication.

We value diversity through the promotion of human rights.  We are committed to relationships with our clients that are characterized by dignity, courtesy, respect, and equitable treatment.

We strive to ensure enjoyment and work/life balance within our company, and encourage the same values among our clients.

Through collective exploration and use of best practices, we endeavor to assist our clients with maximizing their impact.

Our Vision
McAlpine Consulting for Growth, LLC envisions communities where human needs and civil rights are fully met, with the support of effective nonprofit organizations that are:

  • Mission-driven, visionary forces for social change
  • Fully-resourced, providing high quality work and community impact
  • Supported by sufficient staff, Board and administrative systems
  • Financially stable, with solid development plans and donor bases
  • Led by individuals who maintain and encourage work-life balance

McAlpine Consulting for Growth provides services to organizations and individuals seeking

  • Organizational Development
  • Leader Coaching
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Event Planning and Meeting Facilitation