Organizational Development

McAlpine Consulting for Growth (MCFG) offers a wide range of Organizational Development consulting services, which can be structured as comprehensive projects or short-term, focused initiatives.

Consulting services tailored to your specific needs

McAlpine Consulting is available to advance the impact of your organization through a range of coaching services that promote leadership and staff development, effective teamwork, communication, and trust. We can design an Organizational Development process to address specific issues or to strengthen the functioning of the nonprofit generally. All of our consulting services include integration of work-life balance, team and self-care, and healthy organizational culture practices.

Typical Organizational Development services include:

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Organizational Assessments and Action Planning
  • Teambuilding and Communications Technical Assistance
  • Team and Leadership Development 
  • Organizational Capacity Trainings and Technical Assistance 
  • Practicing work/life balance and creating a healthy work culture
  • Management training and coaching for new and experienced supervisors 
  • Retreat planning and facilitation 
  • Mission, vision, values development and alignment

Resources & Downloads

Download our Organizational Development information sheet (PDF, 41kb)

Additional resources and guides:

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