Nonprofit Consulting

Our organizational development services for nonprofits help you answer foundational questions that empower you to plan, manage, and lead.

What We Do

McAlpine Consulting for Growth, LLC (MCFG) provides expertise and services to nonprofit organizations, with a primary focus on communities addressing complex social issues. Since our inception in 2001, we have served over 70 nonprofit organizations, helping them define their strategic thinking, build healthy organizational cultures, and develop leadership of their boards and staff.

Our staff amplifies the effectiveness of non-profit organizations by providing the following consulting services:

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Organizational Development

Organizational Development covers a wide array of initiatives and services, including team and leadership development, strategic planning, and building a healthy organizational culture. Our consulting services in these areas help nonprofits examine and envision the kind of organization they want to be and identify a roadmap to the impact they want to have in their fields.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its direction for the next 3-5 years, and making decisions on how it will allocate its resources to pursue this chosen strategy.  Strategic planning asks and answers the following questions: “Where are we now?”, “Where do we want to go?”, and “How will we get there?” 


Executive and Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a one-on-one leader development process designed to be results-oriented, focusing on the leader’s talents and strengths while supporting their ability to achieve defined goals. Coaching is not only for executives and those at the top of the organization–Mid-level Managers, free-lancing Professionals, and a variety of staff positions can benefit as well.


Learning Collaborative and Meeting Facilitation

Learning Collaboratives have a structured format modeled after the World Café design principles of conversational leadership knowledge sharing. McAlpine Consulting for Growth, LLC (MCFG), provides curation, overall facilitation, and coordination of the Learning Events. We can also help you plan and facilitate meaningful, engaging non-profit meetings.


MCFG Salon Series

This series evolved as a part of our firm’s on-going effort to support social change and healthy communities, identify needs and growth opportunities, and create action steps with the nonprofit community, the MCFG Salon Series is intended to bring together nonprofit professionals for peer-to-peer support on common nonprofit issues. Join us!

How we work together

Our consulting practice is interactive and structured to allow for generative conversations that bring forward the best thinking about how to build upon the strengths and major accomplishments of an organization while also thinking critically about the best ways to position for future growth. Our firm also uses teams to conduct consulting, so that we can assemble the right skill set to handle the variety of tasks and services associated with a strategic planning process, and use our expertise in a manner that is cost effective for our clients. 

As consultants, we define ourselves primarily as facilitators, specializing in listening to our clients, and tailoring every project to their needs. We provide insight and analysis based on our experience, but we will not push a particular agenda or expect a role as a decision-maker.

Let’s start a Conversation

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