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Finding awe unexpectedly

Laying down on the couch with a cold and my little dog on my lap under covers, looking out my second floor picture window I see bare trees against a light blue sky. I had just been caught up in reading posts on my meditation app (InsightTimer) after meditating, continuing my relentless and restless pursuit of becoming calmer, becoming enlightened. One post caught my attention, describing Einstein’s awe of the universe. And then I looked out the window. There it was. The world, just there, everyday, going on, showing itself in all its wonder. I didn’t have to get on a plane to travel to a remote location to see it. I just needed to lay down and take care of my body that has a cold.

I may not know yet what I’m doing here exactly, but I am in awe that I get to experience this life on this planet.

How do you experience awe?
Laura McAlpine

ps: Ok, I know it seems counter to meditation that I use an app and then look through the social media posts of all the folks meditating, but I love it! And I’m in awe of that little app too 🙂

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