he / him Co-Director of Morale
A black and brown dog radiates empathy from the comfort of a soft purple blanket

This little dog came to us in 2012 after being pulled out of Animal Control by a rescue group that couldn’t resist his big eyes, reflecting his equally big spirit. Using all of his eight pounds to his full advantage, Gus makes sure we know he is always available to commandeer a lap for a comfy spot to curl up and demand pets. Well practiced in the art of eye contact, Gus takes any opportunity available to him to peer into your very soul, assuring you he understands and encourages your deepest desire to sit in the sunshine or under a blanket and scratch his ears. Gus is happiest when all the co-workers assemble for a day in the office, particularly his buddy Walter, whom Gus is always happy to share his water bowl with. 

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