they / them Intermission Support Team
Three fluffy chickens in an outdoor coop on a sunny day

The MCFG Intermission Support Team currently consists of six curious and welcoming chickens–PigPen, Chops, Goldilocks (all blue-egg laying Ameraucanas); KC, White Wing, and Puffin (all brown-egg laying Mystic Marans). These girls provide endless amusement and intrigue (not to mention eggs) to not only the MCFG team, but to clients, friends, and neighbors. With a coop right below Mac’s office window, the steady parade of preschoolers, parents and kids, and visiting dogs provides daily entertainment and endearing overheard conversations. No visit to the Farm at Francisco is complete without a walk to the coop to enjoy the clucking, pecking, scratching, and egg laying of our feathered flock. They are always ready for anyone who needs a workday intermission, especially if we bring along kitchen scraps and stale bread. The reward for providing such enticing scraps is daily egg collection, which contributes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner for MCFGers and friends. 

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